A new movie Starring Einy and Bohr  “Einy, where are we and how did we get here?” “Now is not the time for silly existential questions, Bohr. The fabric of space- time has obviously curled over on itself and flung us through a membrane. We have crossed on over to the other side, as predicted by Jim Morrison.” ...................................................... “Well, it’s not like I told everyone everything about space-time.” (Word.doc) See their first press conference! THE INSULIN PROJECT   -   The Natural Science Documentary We eat more sugar now than in all of human history, and synthetic factory food is stripped of nutrients from the Earth essential to our cells. Is this making us sick? Is your personal insulin malfunctioning? We don’t know because we lack instruments to scan molecules. Why are we genetically modifying foods when we have no way to observe changes in molecules? Will we find a cure for diabetes, the sugar disease? We are directly connected to the Earth by the food we eat. A plant’s molecules become our molecules. Now, a major twelve-year study of molecules and matter, motion and light is generating new science, new instruments and new medicine. Science is both amazing and ridiculous. We claim incredible advances in medicine, but can’t even predict structures as simple as table salt - a cube of sodium chloride! We easily distinguish gold from diamond, on sight in a split second, but cannot calculate what these materials should look like. A scanner can’t even recognize a banana without a barcode! How ridiculous is that? Science is not that advanced. But with new theories of light, matter and atomic motion, we can now build optical scanners to probe molecular structure. Can the dynamic structure of insulin be solved? Starring Einy and Bohr as hilarious hecklers and critical commentators.  77 min. DVD or Blu-ray Watch the film trailer! ~ Diabetes and Health ~ A major goal of The Insulin Project is to build optical scanners that recognize materials and probe molecular structure. These scanner designs are highly advanced. Now, a few comments on health and science that you won’t get anywhere else. We are directly connected to the Earth by the food we eat. When we eat a plant, its molecules become our molecules. But synthetic factory food is overloaded with more sugar and fat than we’ve been exposed to in all of human history and has been stripped of the micronutrients needed for our cells to function. In faked food, we recognize sugar and fat as delicious sources of energy, but then our cells discover the raw deal - there’s no micronutrient! Desperate for even the slightest scrap of nutrition, your cells send out signals for more, more, and that’s the source of cravings and food addictions. Yet we don’t get this response from satisfying natural foods which are packed with essential elements from the Earth, from potassium to calcium to iron and zinc. Looking at molecules in our bodies, we find structures just like those in crystals. Examples include the stable spiral chains with phosphate and symmetric glucose making the backbone of our DNA. And sulphur ties together the amino-acid chains of insulin but behaves just like sulphur in minerals. To a physical chemist, the main difference between natural crystals and organic molecules is that the speed of low-mass atoms of organic molecules is controlled by the force of the bond, whereas heavy ions in crystals have similar mass and constantly exchange momentum to attain the same average kinetic energy. For more detail, open the “Project Report” (Word.doc) or order a DVD or Blu-ray of “The Insulin Project” today. All proceeds go to solving the active structure and building a medical scanner. Link to the Canadian Diabetes Association or to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation We watch our cuts and scrapes heal, but about injuries to our unseen molecules? Now, a major 12-year study of light, matter and motion is generating answers. Clearing up some old mysteries of quantum physics from last century, we can now begin to build practical optical scanners for daily use in medicine and industry - scanners that recognize objects and probe their molecular structure. We can all recognize a banana, on sight in a split second, but today’s optical scanners barely manage a barcode. The optical theory just isn’t there. It turns out that we needed local models of light, matter and motion. This new science may ruffle a few tail feathers, but we have serious health issues to solve! We have new medical scanners to build! Supporters can buy movies and stuff with all proceeds to research. With instrument designs done, it’s time to finish off the programming and get to market! Take a look at all the objects around you and imagine trying to calculate what each object look likes - from the atomic scale on up. Your support of this massive project is greatly appreciated! David K. Teertstra, Ph.D. ......................................................................................................................................................................................... . THE INSULIN PROJECT Solving the dynamic structure of insulin with new science, new instruments, new medicine.