INTRODUCING A major project with significant scientific and socio-economic impact. Optical scanners to recognize objects, determine shape and analyze surfaces. With breakthrough photonics to probe molecular structure and determine composition. This important technology is designed to impact major areas of science and industry from minerals exploration to medical analysis to drug design. * IMAGINE EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH LIGHT * Separating precious gems from ore Medical analysis and forensics Seeing and picking weeds Recognizing ripe fruit Inspecting auto parts Sorting trash Surgery Sight * ~ Until now, the physics of sight has been undeveloped. ~ We have barcodes on what is obviously a banana. Why can’t a scanner recognize a simple banana? What something looks like depends on the optical signature of its molecules. That’s why diamond looks different from coal. But what if we cracked nature’s code? Discovered how to program a seeing camera? Now, both these problems have been solved. *************** PHOTON PROBE new science * new instruments * new industry Aiming to attain first sales of optical scanners by early 2015 Photon Probe is offering Revenue Participation Certificates to raise $100k Cdn in 2014 A business plan is available but only ethical investments will be considered This technology is intended to help humanity, not be weaponized WARNING: The algorithm developed here for beneficial use in medicine, science and industry aims to improve agriculture, environmental monitoring and food safety but is the same algorithm required to develop selective weapons and killer robots. Science is a two-edged sword. We have some tough choices to make. Medical scanners for: Optical analysis of composition Optical structure determination Robotic sight for: Picking weeds and crops Sorting gems, ore and trash